The history of the Slovenian professional football players' union (SPINS)

Slovenian professional football players’ union (SPINS) was founded in Ljubljana (Slovenia), on October 24, 2003. Soon after its establishment, the union attracted more than 300 new members, i.e. professional football players.

In November 2003, the first bodies of the Union were elected at the constituent assembly. The members of the assembly also determined the Union’s short- and long-term goals as well as its mission. 

At the end of 2003, SPINS’s representatives first met the delegates of FIFPro, the worldwide representative organisation for all professional football players, which united 40 football unions at the time, in Hoofddorp (Netherlands). The meeting was aimed at laying the foundation for the future cooperation and the possibility of the SPINS’s full membership of the FIFPro organization. For the first time, SPINS was officially presented as a full-member candidate at the FIFPro World Congress in Johannesburg in 2004.
SPINS also became a member of the Slovenian Athletes Union by signing the agreement / declaration of accession in November 2004. Only a year later, SPINS fulfilled all requirements and compulsory criteria and consequently became a full member of the FIFPro organization at the FIFPro Congress in London.
Over the following years, SPINS has cooperated with various sports organisations and outlined new proposals and ideas again and again in order to improve the situation of footballers in Slovenia. SPINS has thus never lost an insight of its members, their status and their fundamental rights as the SPINS members have always been provided with free legal assistance, consulting, representation in court disputes, solidarity assistance in case of a club insolvency, etc.
SPINS has organized, conducted or participated in several projects under the FIFPro organisation, such as: training camps for football players out of contracts; projects aspiring to tackle racism and discrimination ("Show racism the red card"); projects of humanitarian and social nature (CSR) ("For the good of football", "Heads up"), educational projects (Online learning on the national and international level – "FIFPro On-Line Academy"), SPINS magazine, Football GALA SPINS XI, etc.